Daryl Hannah Tastes Better Than This

June 2, 2016

This week John and Craig go deep sea diving to flavor the show just right. While they fry the finest fish of all, they chat about the self-hating haters now polluting the waters of criticism, the stunt plots of Marvel™ comics, returning to Bond and even work out a little nerd rage. It's fun for almost the whole family!


  • 00:16 Kryptonian Penance and Devin Faraci
  • 04:18 Wrecked by a Colon
  • 20:00 Captain Nazi
  • 37:30 Never Say Retro-SPECTRE-ive Again
  • 43:40 Nerd Rage: Agendas
  • 52:00 What We Watched & Good Night

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A View to an Octopussy

December 3, 2015
What can really be said? The Retro-SPECTRE-ive has finally arrived at Octopussy and A View to a Kill.
We're joined by @yayshawndorman for a soul-draining excursion to the end of Roger Moore's reign as Bond, with two films of questionable repute...and deservedly so.
But we can promise you laughs. Lots and lots of laughs...to hide the tears of a clown who later was hanging from the Golden Gate bridge.
Wait, what?

For Your Moonraker Only

November 11, 2015

You're not dreaming, it's an extra (and early) episode for this week: The Retro-SPECTRE-ive is BACK!

We know we're a little late, but here's our long-awaited continuation of a fan-favorite series as we examine and break down each Bond movie in our own inimitable way.

We ponder:

  • Were Jaws and Drax of the Line of Targaryen?
  • Did they neuter Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only?
  • Casual Murder and Flower Shops!
  • Lillies, Not Roses
  • What’s the right way to eat a pistachio?

Best of all, "The Education of Shawn Dorman" Continues!

The Podcast Who Loved Me

September 17, 2015
Nobody does it better! @kesseljunkie and @craigsorrell are joined again by @yayshawndorman for the #RetroSPECTREive of Bond, this time with the cream of the crop...The Spy Who Loved Me! Along the way they...
  • Cheer for commercialism;
  • Start a beer fight in a white room;
  • Ponder Ra’s al Stromberg;
  • Muse if Jaws’ teeth pick up radio transmissions;
  • Pay tribute to Marvin Hamlisch;
  • Review the Star Wars Young Adult books...
And they're the first podcast brave enough to ask: Should Taylor Swift save the Age of Apocalypse?

The Men with the Golden Podcast

September 3, 2015

Love is required whenever they're hired! The Retro-SPECTRE-ive is back with special guest @yayshawndorman as he helps @craigsorrell and @kesseljunkie navigate the insane maze that is "The Man with the Golden Gun." Along the way they

  • Address Idris Elba's Street-Ness;
  • Pay tribute to Christopher Lee;
  • Wax poetic about Southern sheriffs in Asian territories;
  • Discuss some things they've seen, and want to watch; and review some great things.
AnD John's not likely going to make many friends in the Star Wars fan arena with his take on #ForceFriday and the "Global Unboxing Event." Enjoy!

Live and Let Podcast

August 13, 2015

Oh no! Craig's gone again and a coup has installed...semi-permanent fixture Shawndorman!

In this very special episode of our continuing James Bond Retro-SPECTRE-ive, we discover:
Listener problems with things we said (mainly Shawn really);
The connection between Mace Windu and Batman;
Discover the El family's outcast son, Jar Jar El;
Book racism;
The Similarities between Bond and Sybok;
Death by balloon pill;
#NineFingeredShawn; and...
...a whole host of other things worthy of our recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order!
(P.S. The alternate title to this one was, "The Continuing Education of Shawn Dorman.")

On Her Majesty’s Secret Diamond Podcast Forever

July 23, 2015

The Boys are Back! The Retro-SPECTRE-ive is Back! Princess Leia Can Wear What She Wants!

In this thrilling episode:
  • We're joined by special guest Louis Contessa;
  • We look at OHMSS and Diamonds are Forever in the Bond Ouevre;
  • Craig recounts yelling at a stranger and being stumped by his kid;
  • John yearns for a rainbow wig; 
  • They review Ant-Man; and
  • you want more? THEN TUNE IN TO LISTEN!
So much in this episode, you'd have to travel the world seeking revenge for it.

You Only Podcast Twice

July 9, 2015

Welcome to yet another magnificently epic episode of Words With Nerds™!

This train keeps on rolling to make way for "with," our spirit guide on our Retro-SPECTRE-ive sitting in for a vacationing Craig to look at You Only Live Twice. Also we examine:
  • Breaking news from the nerd world;
  • Franchise fatigue and discussions of hope for Warner Bros.;
  • Toss some book reviews your way;
  • The Brian Wilson biopic; 
  • In honor of July 4th, look at the most patriotic superhero of all...
AND MORE! So buckle up in your secret volcano-lair tram and ride off to hilarity with us!


April 23, 2015

The Third Installment of our James Bond Retro-SPECTRE-ive is here as sometimes-guest Shawndorman steps in for Craig to guide us past the traps of Auric Goldfinger.

Also, we talk for a bit about some trailer having to do with some franchise called "Star Wars" (?) and compare it against the bumper crop of other trailers that had the bad marketing decisions of debuting against it.