The Ghost of Jokes Past

John retires a joke, with a note of thanks! The boys discuss other podcasts! Craig says a thing about stuff! It's everything you'd expect! Exclamation...View Details

What do kesseljunkie & the immortal Craigula give thanks for in 2021? You'll just have to listen to find out. But the list includes Tik Tok, Comic...View Details

Return of the Nerd Guy

Craigula and kesseljunkie are back!  They expose how Jeffrey Toobin changed Zoom calls forever. They discuss things they've watched, like "Crippled Av...View Details

The Suicide Podcasters

They're back! FINALLY. Craigula and kesseljunkie have a lot to catch up on, and so they do. They both saw THE Suicide Squad. They both did other thing...View Details

Does It Hold Up - Music

Does the music you love hold up, be it from movies, memories, or nostalgia? We'll definitively answer if it does, if it happens to be one of the thing...View Details

Hubba Hubba Hubba, Who do you love? What do you love? Is it just nostalgic love for a lumbering B-movie celluloid waste like Friday the 13th, or a pur...View Details

Does It Hold Up: Careers

Craigula and kesseljunkie venture onward to discuss the next topic in their "does it hold up" series: Careers! Everyone from Kathryn Bigelow to Arnold...View Details

Does It Hold Up: Comedy

Continuing their "Does it Hold Up?" Series, the boys examine the comedies of the past and ask if they hold up or if time has moved on from them.

In the first episode of their first series for 2021, Craig and John debate whether their selected movies "hold up" for visual effects.


Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.  The boys are back with thoughts on A Christmas Carol, their 4 Most Essential Christmas Movies, & several othe...View Details

The boys are back! What? WHAT? The one thing that can fix this silly year is their unique brand of humor and brotherhood. Happy Thanksgiving to all......View Details

Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a destination. But neither of these guys are named "Skywalker." Just take a pic with the Clearview ap...View Details

Scent of a Paltrow

Did someone light a fish dinner? Craig and John discuss a number of things, from Gwyneth Paltrow's crazy candles (we didn't make this up) to the write...View Details

Trial and Error

Like a giant big blue light in the sky, the Nerds are back and have a trial. John and Craig put Director J.J. Abrams on trial and figure out what his ...View Details

The Nerds Speak!

The Nerds Speak! John and Craig have sent this from a SECRET LOCATION that can't be found. With the power of THOUSANDS of MINI DEATH STARS they come a...View Details

The Rise of Craigwalker

Craig and John talk Mandalorian, Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise, The Rise of Skywalker, Gene Roddenberry's Odd Sexual Issues, and What They Checked Out....View Details

They Forgot the Script

John and Craig talk about DNA Dating apps from Harvard, that WW84 trailer, that Black Widow trailer, that Taylor Swift cover of Last Christmas, that M...View Details

Movies for Grown Ups

Craig and John are not robots. They are almost positive this is true. This week they break a long-standing rule to discuss the forbidden character to ...View Details

Find out the things for which Craig and John are thankful in their own way. It's your annual double helping of snark and sound bytes! Also d...View Details

We Are Broken

Craig and John subscribe to the Kaepernick Theory for work (hey, if Jay-Z can be critical, so can they), explore the Goop of holiday catalogs (and als...View Details

Helping End the World

Did Carrie Fisher lie? What did they check out? Will they help end the world? Find out on the new Words With Nerds! Also send them a note at WWNPodcas...View Details

Craig’s Not Here

When Craig's away, John shall...record a short episode just for you! He shares a special reading of a classic blog post, what he checked out, and ends...View Details

Happy Happy Halloween! Craig and John discuss the scary happenings in the Star Wars production news as the Game of Thrones guys were wished well in th...View Details

Craig and John  share their thoughts on the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer, as required by Podcast Law, and then get down to talking about J...View Details

Black Christmas Matters

NUMBER ONE IN PRISON CAMPS! Join Craig and John once again for the podcast 100% guaranteed to be banned in China! They dance around the sensitive issu...View Details

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