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Two #pals debate #movies, #comic books, #television, and #nerd news.

John and Craig discuss whether Batman has faced The Joker before onscreen, the value of 10 year old movie reviewers, the health benefits of the Cookie Crisp Diet, Apple's Card That Must Not Be Touched, Whether Tim Cook is Cobra Commander, and What They Checked Out.

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Craig and John discuss Debra Messing's breaking point, Star Wars news, Disney+ News, Marvel Cinematic News, Marvel Television News, Marvel Comics News, News News, Hurricane News, and News About What They Checked Out News. Oddly enough, given the picture, NOT Star Trek News.

But the point is, they talk a lot about what's currently in the news. So start spreading...THE NEWS!

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This week Craig and John talk discuss D23 and try to figure out how it got its name. Some big things were announced, and your hosts had some different takes about what is to come. A discussion of Spiderman (not to be confused with Spider-Man) and check out some things and review them. Plus you don't understand, Craig and John have proof - Words With Nerds is PEOPLE!

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Craig and John talk about everything that happened in the world of nerds, the end of existence on Earth, and a lot of other fun things, but that Spider Man news about Disney and Sony didn't break until after they recorded, so just imagine what they think about that, and send a note to them to tell them what you guess.

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Craig and John are back! The dynamic duo returns in full force, like a radioactive blast clumsily covered up by Russia! They discuss everything from Mork from Ork's aging process, to Amazon Prime's hit series The Boys, to what they checked out, to Bruce Willis' Wang.


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Let's start a new hashtag: #WheresGareth? He's the credited director on a billion-dollar movie, but Gareth Edwards has no upcoming projects listed. What the hell happened?

Also John and Craig talk about the usual stuff like Siri listening in on your trips to the bone orchard, then Craig talks a lot about beer. We know, that's shocking that he talked a lot about beer.

But they also checked out some cool stuff, and there are some really good laughs, so listen maybe and have a good time with your ear canals for a change. They've been good to you. Give them a treat.

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John and Craig discuss life in a Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 World, Star Trek News, DC Comics TV News, and What They Checked Out...among other things. They also talk about how they want you to send them a note at

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John and Craig talk audio books, Ernest P. Worrell, connected universes, flying soldier clowns, and what they checked 3-D!


This week John (@kesseljunkie) and Craig (@craigsorrell) figure out how the universe that you know was destroyed. They talk about Yesterday, being lawsuit free, being offended by bad movies, check out some things, and want to hear about your true lies. Also, they want to solve Netflix's mystery as to how they came up with their viewing numbers.

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John and Craig discuss Dragged Across Concrete, Craig's Trip to - and at - the Beach, the folly of Rian Johnson's approach to art, and what they checked out.

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Craig's gone missing (again) so John's joined by longtime friend and listener of the show, Joey, to discuss 30 years of friendship, the Batman conversation that started it, Batman's changes through the ages, and what they checked out. Did we mention Batman?

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John and Craig all matters of nonsense from Killer Twitter to selective deplatforming, the physiological and evolutionary history of gremlins, what they checked out, and a few surprise treats as usual.

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John and Craig talk about what's relatable, the deadly sport of dodgeball, the first Avenger, OSHA compliance for S.H.I.E.L.D. movies, what they checked out, and debate if this is The Dark Knight of podcasts.

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John and Craig discuss the greatest song of all time, thinkpieces about meaningless stuff, Bloodsport, comic books, movie trailers, and what they checked out, including Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

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The Cost of LOST

John and Craig discuss Marvel's Avengers Endgame's Box Office Battle for the Top, what irritates Craig about GoFundMe, why Craig hates people climbing Mount Everest, how thirsty Craig was, and what they checked out.

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John and Craig discuss Brawl in Cell Block 99, the folly of online petitions, entitled fans, jokes misfiring, the blogging streak at, what they checked out, and a whole host of other nonsense.

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The good news is that Disney doesn't own this podcast (yet). Even better news: John and Craig talking about people's urge to ruin things, the greatest television shows of all time and why they can still stand today, Artists getting hosed by Sonic the Hedgehog, and they check out a lot of things to review and tell you about it. 

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Behind the Nerd

He is kesseljunkie. So reads the t-shirt. This week John and Craig explore a flat Earth and the people that are captured in a documentary expressing their views on the Earth being flat. They also check out some things and review them, and this week Craig reads books with no pictures.

Hop on your (super rad) Flat Earth Rider, strap in, and enjoy the ride.


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What do you think they're talking about? #AvengersEndgame of course. Did they love it? What did they love most about#AvengersEndgame? Are there any dangerous moments of apostasy when they express something less than love for #AvengersEndgame? Do they give away a lot of spoilers about #AvengersEndgame? (Yes.) Are they just trying to say #AvengersEndgame as many times as possible in an attempt to highlight that they're talking about #AvengersEndgame when they say #AvengersEndgame? (Yes.) Is it annoying to say #AvengersEndgame that many times? (Yes.)

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John and Craig discuss #AvengersEndgame anticipations, #HobbsAndShaw machinations, What they checked out, and otherwise antagonize each other as only #pals can.

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John and Craig talk about a misplaced "well actually", live twitter inevitability, crying over a movie, bad Rotten Tomatoes takes, what they checked out. Plus a whole bunch of great stuff that will give you a chuckle. 

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The Craig Hole

John and Craig welcome special guest Ol' Joe for a deep-dive discussion the lost Disney cult classic, "The Black Hole." They also discuss other stuff they checked out!

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Piping Hot Hype

John and Craig talk about Marvel fatigue, the preferences of 6-year-olds on iPads, what they checked out, and a whole bunch of other great stuff like hacking on Disney, which might lead to kesselvania being liquidated by Bob "Iceheart" Iger.

And as promised in the episode, here's that post about Craig's face:

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John and Craig talk about everything from Barbra Streisand to Food Challenges, Elizabeth Holmes from Theranos, YouTube as the new platform for people who like to  talk, Jordan Peele's "Us," and they chat about what they checked out, including John finally seeing "Fyre Fraud" on Hulu.

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How did one of the hosts of Words With Nerds on to having great guest spots on Cheers? By being one of Felicity Huffman's All-Stars. Just look at the cover photo of this episode and you see her flawless work she submitted to get your hosts additional gigs.

This week Craig and John discuss a What If... Marvel universe, The Rock being awesome, all of the professions Craig has had, criminal behavior, and check out some things and review them. 

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