Another year has passed, and your hosts made it to 200 episodes. For 2017 John and Craig kick off discussing why Batman is so cool (naturally), 50 year anniversaries that were celebrated with a whimper, then in true Words With Nerds fashion - make predictions for 2017. Uber Deaths, Movie Deaths, Comic Book Storyline Deaths. But it's not all about the grim reaper for 2017, there are some surprises, and other predictions for the Nerd Year from your hosts. Some things were checked out, and one host swears it gets dusty in his house when a particular movie plays. Celebrate the Nerd Year and listen!


  • 00:00: Batman is Cool
  • 03:53: Push That Button
  • 07:30: 50 Years
  • 10:52: Paywall Killed the Television Show
  • 13:29: 2017 Predictions
  • 48:22: We Can't Win No Matter What
  • 52:04: Checked Out

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