Ra’s al Craig

In this monumental episode, John divulges that he's figured out who Craig is in his mythical pantheon of metaphors for friends!

Aside from that, they deliver some true insight and expand your horizons.There's: 
  1. Tasting the beer Weyerbach Blasphemy, a Belgian Quadruppel;
  2. The question of: Why don't we ever see superheroes training (besides Batman, of course)?
  3. The Last Will and Testament of Words With Nerds - in case anything happens to one or both of us during the Tough Mudder;
  4. Nerd News
    1. E3, blah blah blah;
    2. Soccer = Blurnsball;
    3. Rob Liefeld - speculation about Spider Man films and Tom Hardy as Cable (swoon!);
  5. Pondering if Wolverine and Captain America can ever get high;
  6. Wondering if Whoopi Goldberg would still smell in the spirit realm;
  7. Musing if midichlorians are intergalactic tapeworms; and finally 
  8. We figure out how to torture Magneto! (You're welcome Marvel!)
And since this could be the last living episode for your hosts, they both get to Nerd Rage.
With this much entertainment, we wonder why the country still needs to do any soul-searching.
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