If a cyclist passes a runner on a path, and there's no one else around to see it, should the runner build an army of Sentinels to destroy the cyclist?

Questions like that aren't even entertained on this episode. Instead, your hosts focus on guilty displeasures - things they know they're "supposed to like" as nerds, or even just in general...but they don't. What sorts of things do they cover? Everything from certain comics to desserts that don't deliver.
They also manage to talk about the underwhelming feeling of seeing half-constructed things from the Episode VII set, X-Men: Days of Future Past and in Nerd News they lavish some love on WWDC and beat up on the Apple fan-boys (figuratively).
And in Nerd Rage for this week, John unleashes all over his fellow Star Wars fans for their ridiculous hijacking of a poll for Empire magazine. You know, the one that set everyone off for what a bunch of dopes nerds can be and solidified stereotypes about their inability to see past their own fandom.
With this much energy, you could power an entire army of genocidal robots!
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