Better late than never! We care about you, so we care about quality. Quality made us late. Stupid quality.

In this episode we debate:

  • Is Dracula about to get the Batman treatment?
  • Why did the MPAA allow a six-pack on Mark Hamill's posters?
  • NASA Hyperspace Rings:Trekkers wrong all over again.
  • Conquering the Tough Mudder in the Name of Nerddom.
  • Did Nikola Tesla envision Electric Torture? (Actually, probably.)
  • Discovering the light in humanity through shared challenge.
  • The global economics of fictional minerals
  • Are superheroes just adrenaline junkies?
  • Who are the reluctant heroes?
  • Gluten Free: I am Groot!

Be gentle on them for the late posting, for their nipples are still sensitive! #pals

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