Patient Zero, a.k.a. Craig Sorrell, was once again under quarantine and the co-pilot's chair was occupied by our own "Jay Leno." How did it go? Look at the burning questions answered below and just guess!

  • San Diego Comic-Con - we didn't go, but we can opine anyway!
  • Did Dad approve of renting the VHS for Road Warrior?
  • Cosplay controversy - do we need codes of conduct?
  • Is it really a comic con if it's just a place to pimp out movies?
  • Is there really a point to conventions at all anymore?
  • How would John reshape the Comic Con industry?
  • Listener Challenge: How Many Times Does John Threaten Shawn's Life?
All of this is topped off by a SURPRISE guest at the end who is just FULL OF RAGE to close out the show!

With this much entertainment, SDCC should feature US!
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