We are back and this time with another new gluten-free episode to fill your ear holes. This week, we ponder why it is cool to hate things, and does getting older lose the magic of summer. But it doesn't stop there. We also discuss:

  • Did Eddie Murphy elevate the funny from people around him
  • How does John wake up in the morning with only 2 pools conveniently located in his neighborhood
  • We sample Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale
  • Do people like to be contrarians?
  • Has the internet made it impossible to be a casual fan or be a fan that is "late to the game"
  • That magic moment in movies that you know if you are going to stick with it or if you are going to tune out

This show is guaranteed to  make your week better. As always you can interact with the show by leaving a voicemail at 571-308-NERD or find John on twitter: @kesseljunkie or find Craig on twitter: @craigsorrell. We are also on Facebook, so feel free to post on our wall.

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